Innovative Lens Design

Anamorphosis and magnification are unique and patented innovations of the lens design. Magnification can be adjusted to meet any specific requirement. It can either be focused on the center, periphery or mid-zone area of the lens’ field of view. Panomorph lenses are unique. No other wide angle lens can achieve its performance.

Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Innovative Lens-Central Magnification Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Innovative Lens-Midzone Magnification Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Innovative Lens-Periphery Magnifcation
Central Magnification Mid-Zone Magnification Periphery Magnification

Built for a Purpose

360° Panomorph optics are the only lenses that are designed with the application in mind. The lens can adapt to a wide variety of applications ranging from security, mobile devices to minimally invasive surgery. Each lens is built specifically to provide the maximum performance and optimal results.

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Expertise in Optics and 360° Viewing

ImmerVision Enables is the 360° Video Standard ensuring compatibility, quality and performance. ImmerVision’s engineering team uniquely merges both optical design with immersive imaging science. In addition to its strong expertise in optical design, ImmerVision supports manufacturers in building 360° panomorph lenses or products and provides software companies with 360° viewing functionality. Other optics or software companies solely focus on one technology or the other; at ImmerVision, both technologies are advanced and combined ensuring optimal compatibility and quality.

ImmerVision Enables Compatibility

All certified panomorph optics, software and products offer compatibility between 360° viewing and any 360° images from cameras equipped with certified panomorph lenses. Users can navigate within the live or recorded 360° images without distortion.

Outperforms all traditional 360° technology

The panomorph lens is superior to other panoramic imagers. It beats all traditional 360° technology in performance, compatibility, customization and video coverage. Here are a few reasons why panomorph lenses are better.

  • State of the art 360° technology.
  • Enhanced image quality due to customizable magnification and optimal image sensor coverage.
  • Certified products and solutions with panomorph technology offer universal compatibility and an unparalleled 360° experience.
panomorph-with-magnification-and-anamorphosis fisheye
Panomorph Fisheye

Panomorph Performance

No other traditional 360° lens can match panomorph’s coverage and optical performance. Panomorph lenses offers optimal sensor pixel coverage and magnification in zones of interest. The viewing functionality offers immersive navigation on live and recorded 360° images. Panomorph technology is the most effective way to achieve more coverage, better image quality and compatibility.

 Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Panomorph Performance-1  Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Panomorph Performance-2  Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Panomorph Performance-3  Panomorph Technology-Why its Unique-Panomorph Performance-4
Traditional 360° lens Magnification Anamorphosis Anamorphosis + Magnification

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