PURE Technology

ImmerVision’s multimedia solutions are built around PURE (Panorama Universal Rendering Engine) technology. Available only with ImmerVision software, this exclusive technology has expanded the horizons for multimedia content creators working with panoramic imagery.

PURE is a collection of high-performance algorithms dedicated to projecting, controlling and viewing photos and videos in a virtual 3D space. Accessible through its own API, PURE is featured in all ImmerVision new-generation viewers, in order to guarantee top performance levels and maximum quality results with all compatible platforms.

PURE Technology Features

Built-in Support for Standard Panoramic Projection Formats

Formats: Flat, cylindrical, spherical and cubical
Panorama portions: Offers display management for panorama portions
Rotation: Allows refocus and 3-axis rotation of panoramic images to re-establish the horizon line or display vertical panoramas
Mix: Can display several panoramic images in the same viewer with transparency control.

Optimal Performance

Optimized rendering algorithms: Rendering codes are optimized for maximum display fluidity.
High-resolution display: Optimized rendering ensures maximum performance, regardless of the resolution quality of either the panoramic image or the viewer window.
Hardware acceleration: Can use DirectX® Graphic or OpenGL to take advantage of the processing power of 3D graphics card accelerators.
Controlling resource requirements: Thanks to its simple and customizable parameters, PURE works just as well on low-power pocket PCs as it does on the latest high-performance desktop PCs. It achieves this by adapting the image resolution and precision calculations to ensure the best balance of performance and quality, no matter what viewer platform is used.

Input and Control Plug-in Interface

Input plug-ins: In viewing mode, let PURE open, integrate and control all media types: images, video, sound, animation, etc.
Control plug-ins: Lets you manipulate the panoramic image with all types of peripheral controls: mouse, keyboard, joystick, electronic gyroscope, programming codes, etc.

PURE Player - Flash and Java

PURE Player for Java and PURE Player for Flash are the first panorama viewers that use PURE technology. Because of their unique performance attributes and their compatibility with most Java virtual machines (from version 1.1 onward) and Flash, this means that all users (Windows® PC, Mac® OS X, Linux PC) can view Web panoramas without having to install a proprietary plug-in. More on PURE Player for Flash
More on PURE Player for Java