The Patented 360° viewing functionality

ImmerVision licenses to companies the right to integrate ImmerVision Enables 360° viewing functionality. Developers can use ImmerVision Enables' SDK or their own algorithms to build their solutions. Solutions must comply with ImmerVision Enables certification. Two fundamental criteria’s include: standard 360° viewing functionality and compatibility with all certified panomorph lenses.

360° Navigation without Distortion

ImmerVision Enables' viewing functionality allows 360° navigation on any content, live and recorded 360° video captured by a panomorph lens, immersing the user inside the scene.

Build-Integrate 360 View Functionality-360 Navigation without Distortion

Compatible on all Devices

The viewing functionality runs on all computing devices. By integrating ImmerVision Enables' functionality, software developers from industries such as mobile, automobile, security, medical device and others can offer 360° immersive panomorph viewing.

Certified ImmerVision Enables functionalities

Once the 360° viewing integration is completed, certification is required.

All viewing software or devices are tested to guarantee optimal performance and compatibility. ImmerVision Enables certification ensures standard 360° viewing and compatibility with any panomorph content (images and videos) created using certified panomorph lenses or ImmerVision Enables devices.

Inside the Software Development Kit

ImmerVision Enables' SDK is a bundle that includes libraries, developer-friendly documentations and sample codes. This SDK allows software developers to build their own 360° experience processing any type of panomorph content, still images, live or playback videos.

Want to have 360° viewing functionality integrated in your video surveillance solution?

Want to have 360° viewing functionality integrated in your consumer electronics solution?

Viewing mode features

360 navigation (digital pan-tilt-zoom) on any computing device and displays a variety of 360° viewing modes.

  • Perspective view
  • Complete 360°/Bird’s eye view
  • 180° panoramic view
  • 360° perimeter view
  • Multiple independent views from one video source
  • Compliant with analytics like face tracking, object targeting, etc.

Build-Integrate viewing functionality-View Mode Feat

Benefits and advantages

The 360° viewing functionality integrates on many computing devices. Software developers can also add their own customized analytics to enhance their user’s experience.

  • Designed for a wide range of computing devices and applications
  • 360° navigation on live and recorded video within multiple views from one video source
  • ImmerVision Enables SDK is easy to integrate and is already used by major software vendors in security, defense and consumer electronic industries.

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